Our services

Container Service

Huiskes Boer Metaal owns diffrent kind of containers. They can be used to collect metal-containing products. Thinking of metal scrap, machines, batteries, installations, scrap iron, etc. The container bins are professionally placed and collected after appointment.

Disassembly work

Huiskes Boer Metaal has over 95 years of experience in the disassembly industry. These types of projects are mainly carried out for the corporate market. You can think of vehicles and vessels, bridges, locks, industrial installations, etc. We have the machines, transport, skilled personnel and tools to carry out your disassembly in an environmentally friendly way. The scrap to be removed is also fully taken care of by us.

Private intake

If you have an old battery, broken trampoline, discarded lead, etc. you are more than welcome to sell it to us. You will be paid as described under the heading “Prices”. We guarantee you the best price for your old metal!