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Drive-in concept

We use a drive in concept which means that you must report to the weighbridge next to the building. Employee will help you as soon as this is possible . When instructed you will have to drive backwards and then you will be assisted further.


We have advanced technology and tools which helps make a immediately analysis of the offered metal.


We own a weightbridge that you can ride on with a truck ,car or even with a trailer. We weight before and after the metal has been removed.

Customer oriented

Coffee is ready for you as soon as you come in! You will be helped immediately by one of our employees. To Ensure that the old metal is sorted and weighted correctly, all our weightings are visible to our customers.

Facs about Huiskes Boer Metaal


We have a weighbridge that you can drive on with a truck and trailer. Our weightings are also visible to you as a customer.


We are as transparent as possible towards the customers . Our weigh tickets are clearly described with the type of metal and quantity, which means that  each weighing is also registered in the system.

Best price

Our prices vary per hour, this is because we pay out exchange-related. Our customers gets the best price for their old metals from us. Your intake is immediately settled financially.


We work exclusively in accordance with environmental requirements. We will continue to make large-scale investments in green entrepreneurship. The environment is high on our list of priorities.

95 years experience

With more than 95 years of experience, we have built up sufficient knowledge to make the recovery of old metals as efficient as possible and environmentally conscious.

Our team

We have experienced staff who are happy to assist you at any time. They have the knowledge and skills to serve you correctly as a customer.